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Some find it hard to believe that a 2-valve engine could produce over 100+ horsepower. That was the talk in the early 90s when the manufacturer took the chance and improved its popular 22R engine. This single overhead cam engine was already gaining ground in cars and a fuel injection option put this engine over the top. The pickups, suv’s and cars all received the new and improved 22RE and the rest is sales history. Sales of these vehicles more than doubled making a real threat to the U.S. auto market. We have Used 22RE performance engines for sale at the lowest price you will ever find online.

We give you 3 different versions of the 22RE engine. The first option is a new engine. These are perfect for replacements and giving a car or truck a fresh start. We buy our new engines in bulk to make them a lot cheaper than what you will find at a dealership. Our second option is used 22RE engines. We buy these as swap outs and replacements. These engines are in very good condition and all have the lowest miles that we can find. Our third option is rebuilt 22RE performance engines for sale. These engines are expertly rebuilt buy our engine staff to make them just as good as a new one.

Why Should You Buy a Used 22RE from Us?

It’s simple. We have no competition. While other dealers are more concerned about what other dealers are doing, we keep our eyes only on what we do. We set our prices low because we want to help someone find a great deal. It doesn’t matter if you are a car owner, street racer, mechanic or junkyard. We have the same low price for everyone to make it fair for all involved. We don’t play favorites and give special inside deals to our business clients. We buy engines at low prices, keep our prices low and buy more engines. See how that works?

Our warranty is probably the best you will ever find for Toyota engine outside of an actual dealership. We warranty all of the work and parts that are put onto each engine. We know that hidden problems can exist if our engines are not inspected before sale. We eliminate the potential for errors by testing and visually inspecting every engine in our inventory. The 22RE engine will perform exactly like you expect or we will fix it for you for free. We treat you right when you are our customer.


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